Hollywood Stars With Jobs Aside From Their Acting Careers

The image we have of Hollywood stars and other celebrities is that they live the dream – they’re rich, famous, travel the world and have awesome parties. That, however, isn’t always true.

The pressure to perform, the constant scrutiny and lack of privacy gets to many stars. The pressure sometimes gets so much that many celebrities leave the spotlight altogether.

And then there are those celebrities who also have regular jobs, besides their acting careers. Here is a list of celebrities who have either left the limelight behind, or have day jobs over and above their acting careers.

1. Hank Aaron – From Baseball to Car Dealerships and Restaurants

Hank Aaron is best known for breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record while he played with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves – under extremely stressful conditions of racial hatred and death threats.


Source: Pinterest

After he retired from professional baseball, he didn’t sit idle. Today, Hank Aaron owns multiple car dealerships in Atlanta, including a BMW dealership called Hank Aaron BMW. It seems he gives out a personally autographed baseball to every customer who buys a car from his dealership. Besides car dealerships, this baseball legend also owns more than 30 restaurants spread across Georgia and is currently the senior vice president of the Atlanta Braves.

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