Hollywood Stars With Real Jobs

The image we have of Hollywood stars and other celebrities is that they live the dream – they’re rich, famous, travel the world and have awesome parties. That, however, isn’t always true. The pressure to perform, the constant scrutiny and lack of privacy gets to many stars. The pressure sometimes gets so much that many celebrities leave the spotlight altogether. And then there are those celebrities who also have regular jobs, besides their acting careers.

Here is a list of celebrities who have either left the limelight behind or have day jobs over and above their acting careers.

Kirk Cameron – Found His Calling in the Church

This heartthrob of the 1980s was most famously known for his portrayal of Mike Seaver on the famous sitcom Growing Pains , for which he received 2 Golden Globe nominations. He was a prolific child actor, appearing in movies such as Like Father Like Son and Listen to Me.


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However, he felt the call of God and left his acting career behind to become an evangelist. He founded a ministry called The Way of the Master in partnership with another evangelist, Ray Comfort. He also co-founded another ministry called The Firefly Foundation with his wife, Chelsea Noble. Cameron still makes occasional screen appearances till today, but his first love remains his ministry.

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