Go Back in Time to Witness History in the Making: The Coolest Historical Photos

There are historical figures and events that have become iconic, which means that there is basically one image that stuck in people’s minds when they think of that certain person or event. But we want to show you the rarely seen historical photos that can change the way you remember these people and events. These photos will broaden your repertoire of history’s most iconic images.

Take Marilyn Monroe for example, you may remember her with the white dress, but have you seen her kicking a ball at a soccer game or working in a factory? What about Robert De Niro? You may think of him in your favorite movies, saying “Are you talkin’ to me?” in the mirror. But have you seen his as a baby?

Okay enough with the teasers. Let’s start the show!

A First Class Suite on the Titanic

When you think of the Titanic what do you see? Leonardo DiCaprio saying “I’m the king of the world!”? Or do you think of the gigantic ship sinking in the ocean? Well here’s a real image of the Titanic that most people have never seen.

Source: Ninja Journalist

The famous ship was basically a floating 5-star hotel. And it had suites for its first-class passengers (just like Rose and her fiancée). These suites were luxurious and only the extremely rich could afford to indulge in the first class cabins.

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