From Bicycles to Lipstick: The Evolution of Pin Up Girls

The Evolution of the Pinup Girl

A popular inspiration for pinup model is the “Varga Girl.” However, the style has evolved quite a bit since the 1930s. The classic pinup imagine is a sexy woman with curled hair, red lips, not wearing much clothes, and posing seductively. Another version of the pinup has the same signature makeup and hairstyle, just wearing casual everyday clothes.

A portrait of actress Jane Fonda in a cheerleading-type outfit
Photo by Bettmann/Getty Images

Add tattoos to this version, and you got a “rockabilly” pinup. These pictures are highly inspired by 1940s fashion and style, just with a modern twist. Pinups are still used in advertisements today. Any magazine you open up will include girls with the classic pinup look. As we mentioned, sex sells, so models and photographers use this style to promote themselves.