Flash Back: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at The A-Team

What’s the best way to summarize the ‘80s cult-classic, The A-Team? Well, imagine a gang of fashion-forward guys cruising around in a snazzy, black van handing a helping hand to those in need. But who are we kidding?! Everyone in the ‘80s loved the gang of gung-ho, special forces soldiers, so there’s really no need for introductions.

Boy George and Mr T hugging him from behind on the set of The A-Team / The cast of the new film The A-Team / George Peppard and Mr T posing together on the set of the A-Team / Melinda Culea, Dirk Benedict, Mr T, and Dwight Schultz posing next to their van

Photo by Eddie Sanderson, Getty Images / Steve Granitz, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: MoviestillsDB.com, Copyright: NBC / MoviestillsDB.com, Copyright: NBC

While viewers tuned in each week for the goofy catchphrases, bloodless action, and outrageous jeep flipping, the series was plagued with off-screen drama. From accusations of bullying and feuds on-set, to small details you may have forgotten about the show, we’re taking a look at what really happened behind the scenes on everyone’s favorite show, The A-Team.

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