Facts About The Beverly Hillbillies You Probably Didn’t Know

From Green Acres to Petticoat Junction and Lassie, Hollywood loved making TV shows about rural America. One show, however, found its way into the hearts of Americans all over the country. Although the show wasn’t always well-received by contemporary critics, The Beverly Hillbillies still remains one of the most popular TV shows from the 1960s.


Source: Shutterstock / Photo by Moviestore Collection, Shutterstock

The CBS sitcom follows the Clampett family and their hilarious antics in Los Angeles after accidentally finding oil on their land back home. While the show was widely popular during the 1960s, there are a lot of unknown facts that even die-hard fans don’t know about.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts about The Beverly Hillbillies that you probably didn’t know!

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