Elizabeth Montgomery: The Real Off-Screen Life of TV’s Most Beloved Witch

As the star of the classic 1960s sitcom Bewitched, actress Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha Stephens, a witch who could get anything she desired with a simple twitch of her nose. Sure, it was cute and all, but it was all in the name of show biz in Hollywood’s La La Land. In reality, there was much more to the actress behind the adorable witch everyone waited to see on their television sets in the evenings.


Photo by Moviestore Collection / Shutterstock

Off-screen, the blonde beauty had her own personal struggles. “She had a dark side to her,” said author Herbie Pilato, who wrote “Twitch Upon A Star.” According to this tell-all book, Montgomery just couldn’t find happiness, running through four wild marriages and, like her character, bewitched many of Hollywood’s leading men of the time, like Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, and Gary Cooper.

Wanna hear some juicy facts about the woman behind Bewitched’s best character? Then you’re in the right place!

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