Easy Rider: The Making, the Filming, and Behind the Scenes

The Redneck With the Goiter

At the end of the movie, you see two rednecks in a truck driving past Fonda and Hopper with a shotgun. They were played by two locals named Johnny David from Krotz Springs and D.C. Billodeau from Palmetto. In the movie, you see D.C. leaning out of the car and shooting Hopper before turning around the car to finish off Fonda too.

Johnny David on the right and D.C. Billodeau on the left in the front of a truck with two shotguns hanging behind their heads.
Source: imcdb.org

Apparently, the two of them were at the gas station that was actually owned by David, and his wife pushed him to go and help them film the final scene while she offered to take over pumping gas. So, Fonda just went up to some random guys at a gas station who he thought would be perfect for the parts, begged them to be in the movie, and paid them both $60.