The Best of the Worst Construction Fails

Living our lives, we don’t really think about the thought and planning that gets put into building our cities and homes. Just imagine all those meetings, blueprints, and budgeting that has to go into something as simple as a staircase or a window. Keep that in mind as you go through these photos.


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We aren’t urban planners or site managers. But, come on, was it so hard not to make these unbelievable construction blunders? All you can do is scratch your head and wonder who the heck gave the okay? Dive in, and get ready to facepalm on the way.

1. Middle of the Road

Sure, there’s a major road already there. But what came first? The road or the buildings? Driving down the road, it may not seem so peculiar.


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But from our perspective, it’s a bold move and really stands out. It looks as though they really needed to place that last building there. It could be the result of a really stubborn person.

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