Amazing Prom Night Outfits. Celebrities’ Kids On Their Biggest Night Ever.

Prom Night is a right of passage for most. It symbolizes the end of the years we spent forming relationships with friends and studying as hard as we could to get into the colleges of our dreams. But what is it like for celebrities’ kids? Let’s see…

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is quite the talent. We have seen him star in movies such as “Pursuit of Happiness” opposite his dad Will Smith and starring by himself in roles such as 2010’s “The Karate Kid”. He is very loved in the “Hollywood” community and adored by his sister Willow.


Credit: ParentsDome

On prom night he looked very dapper with a gorgeous black suit, blond afro, and styling with a thick gold chain necklace. He went to the prom with his girlfriend Odessa Adlon. They only made it home after 5 am. Obviously, they seriously partied the night away!

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