Case Closed? New Evidence Revealed on the Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Shoved Out of an Airplane?

Joseph Franco, who was Hoffa’s former associate and self-proclaimed “thief, extortionist, leg breaker, and hired killer,” had his own theory as to how Hoffa disappeared. According to Franco, Hoffa was shoved out of an airplane while still alive. He said that he was thrown out while the plane was flying over one of the Great Lakes. And by whom was he shoved? Apparently, by a couple of federal agents.

Police search for Jimmy Hoffa on Channel 7 News
Source: YouTube

Another theory was quite gruesome. In 1982, a Mob hitman by the name of Charles Allen told a congressional committee that Hoffa was shot with a stun gun, ground up at an ironworks, placed in a steel drum, and then shipped to the Everglades.

It was there that his remains were disposed of. Some accounts that support this theory even note that his body may have been partially digested by alligators.