Captivating Facts about Our famous Food Chains before They Became Famous

Pizza Hut was First Established in Wichita, Kanas

There were two brothers Dan and Frank Carney who opened the first Pizza Hut in their hometown named Wichita, Kansas, back in 1958. They used the word ‘hut’ in the name because it was a small word that could fit on their sign.


Source: Imgur

Fun fact: Pizza Hut got its name because ‘Hut’ could fit on the sign.

The building itself resembled a little hut. The building was relocated to the city’s state university back in 1986 where both brothers were graduates. An architect from Chicago, named George Lindstrom designed the iconic Pizza Hut buildings back in 1963, the ones we know of today. PepsiCo bought the business in 1977.

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