Burt Reynolds, Hollywood’s Mustached Heartthrob

In the early ‘60s, Burt Reynolds graced our screens for the first time and left an unforgettable mark in our hearts. He shined with his twinkly, mischievous charm and solid acting skills, and it didn’t take long for him to become Hollywood’s new leading man. His lively career spanned over six decades, and while he had his ups and downs, he still managed to create a memorable legacy.

Burt Reynolds holding a football / Burt Reynolds and Pam Seals at an event in 1998 / Burt Reynolds in a suit and hat standing in the street / Burt Reynolds leaning on his book during a book signing / Burt Reynolds standing on stage at comic con / Burt Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor at a benefit gala holding awards shaped like stars

Source: Getty Images

Reynold’s passing in 2018 broke many people’s hearts, including the numerous women who fell in love with him through the years. In particular, the one who got away, Sally Field , who stated, “He will be in my history and my heart, for as long as I live.”

We’ve collected a selection of surprising facts for you that highlight exactly how talented this true movie star was.

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