Blast from the Past: A Time Capsule Reveals Pieces of American History

A time capsule is not just an artifact of science fiction. They actually exist and have been created and later found for centuries. For those who may not know, a time capsule is a container that stores a selection of objects specifically chosen as being representative of the present time, buried for discovery in the future.

What makes time capsules so significant as well as surreal is not only what is found inside them, but the fact that a message is being conveyed from generations past. And that’s exactly what happened in 2014 when a time capsule was mistakenly found by plumbers. Its contents revealed much of what this country’s foundation was based upon, and it adds another layer of importance to American history.

A Better Understanding

Sam Adams and Paul Revere were prominent names in the establishment of the United States. Revere had a huge part in the Declaration of Independence. And on December 11, 2014, a box was accidentally found and within it, pieces of history.

Source: Newsd

To give you an idea as to the meaning of these findings, the executive director of the Massachusetts Archives, Michael Comeau, stated: “This is the stuff that leads us to Sam Adams, to Paul Revere. [It helps us to] better understand not only what happened before us but also helps to better understand ourselves, because it’s this power of memory, of shared memory and heritage.”

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