Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford: The Feud Legends Are Made Of

She and Miss D

Kathryn Sermak met Bette Davis when Sermak was just 22 years old. She went in a job interview for a position as the 77-year-old’s new secretary. Fast forward about four decades to when Sermak wrote a book about their relationship and what Davis had taught her over the years. Her book, Miss D & Me, reveals insights into Davis’ life outside of the movie industry.


Photo by Elmer Fryer / First National / Warner Bros / Kobal / Shutterstock

The book is also a tribute to the woman who taught her everything – this coming from a self-proclaimed “naive Catholic 22-year-old” who landed a job working for one of the world’s greatest film stars. In a rather sweet way, Bette will always be Miss D to Sermak. One thing she learned from Davis was to change her name. Inspired by Davis, who changed her name from Ruth Elizabeth Davis, Catherine changed her own to Kathryn. In fact, Davis encouraged her to do it.

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