Behind-the-Scenes of One of America’s Favorite Game Shows: ‘The Price Is Right’

Bob Barker’s Gray Hair Increased the Show’s Ratings

Bob Barker actually wasn’t the show’s first host (contrary to what I thought). He took over for Bill Cullen as the host in 1972 when the show was revived after having been canceled in 1965. Barker didn’t just take over the role; he became the show’s icon. In 1987, after going on vacation where people kept complimenting him on his grey hair, he decided to stop coloring and go “au natural.”



Like almost all TV shows go, Barker had to get approval on his new look. He got the approval from NBC’s head of daytime programming. And thus, he became one of the first few TV hosts with gray hair. When the next episode of The Price is Right aired where Barker appeared as a silver fox, viewers were surprised, to say the least. One viewer even sent Barker a letter, saying, “Bob, you must have had one hell of a night.” Ratings improved since that episode.

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