Behind-the-Scenes of One of America’s Favorite Game Shows: ‘The Price Is Right’

Let me start by asking who here, after calling in sick to work, sat on the couch with a blanket and some coffee or a bowl of cereal and watched ‘The Price is Right’? Okay, so it’s not just me. The wildly popular game show made its way to becoming a staple of American game show culture. And a lot of that credit goes to Bob Barker. But even after dear old Bob left the show and Drew Carey took over for him, the show hasn’t gotten any less popular!



‘The Price is Right’ has been on the air since 1956! It’s been called “the greatest game show of all time” by TV Guide. Why? Well, I think it’s because it’s basically a game show for anyone and everyone (unlike ‘Jeopardy,’ where you really need to know your stuff to watch even 5 minutes of it).

So if you’re in a nostalgic mood or simply just want to know all about your favorite game show, you’re in luck.

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