Behind the Scenes of Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind is an iconic movie that will forever be cherished. With the classic characters, impeccably written screenplay, and immaculate sets, there is no other movie that can compare. The impact of the movie is still strong, even though it’s been 80 years since it was first released. It was released in 1939, which is the same year that The Wizard of Oz came out. That’s not the only similarity between the two movies.


Source: moviestillsDB, Copyright by Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The movies were competing against each other in the box office, but Gone with the Wind ultimately won. However, things weren’t always so peachy in Hollywood back in the 30s. There were many issues, including segregation and the gender pay gap. Yes, these problems are still going on in Hollywood today, but thankfully, it’s much less. You should see what some of the black actresses had to go through.

Here are some behind the scenes secrets of Gone with the Wind.

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