Astounding Photos from the Days of the Old West

The Old West was a fascinating place and period in American history. The terms ‘Old West’ and ‘Wild West’ generally apply from the late 18th century through to the early 20th century, with the 1800s, in particular, being the peak years of this period.

During this time, the sorts of scenes we see in Western Hollywood movies were actually just part of real life. Cowboys and Native Americans did battle over land, people spent their time in saloons and gathered around campfires, and the beginnings of the modern United States began to be formed.

It was a time of cowboys and outlaws, dominated by iconic figures like Buffalo Bill, the Sundance Kid, Annie Oakley, Butch Cassidy, and Jesse James. And it was also a time where the beginnings of some of the modern appliances and technological innovations we take for granted were first gaining a foothold in Western society, with cameras and photography being prime examples.

Photos from the days of the Old West are simply astonishing to look at, giving us a glimpse into the past and showing us the reality of the Wild West, rather than the fictionalized and distorted tales and truths we experience these days in movies, comic books, and video games. Check out these amazing Wild West photos to learn more.

Gambling It All To Win Big

One of the main ways people used to amuse and entertain themselves in their free time back in the Old West was to gamble. There were many different games of chance to be enjoyed back in those days, with places like gambling halls and saloons being very popular for these activities.

This photo shows us an example of that, with a group of men gathered around a poker table and placing their chips in the center. Just like nowadays, gambling could help people win a lot of money, or lose everything they had!

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