Area 51: The Facts, the Myths, and the Controversy

There are no aliens at Area 51, America’s most famous top-secret military base. But what IS there is no less interesting. For decades, Nevada’s Air Force facility has been at the center of countless conspiracies that involve apparent “evidence” that aliens (and their technology) not only exist but are being held in secret behind its walls. Books, TV shows, and even online “raids” have tried for years to get a glimpse beyond their signs that warn against trespassing.


Photo by Charles M Ommanney/Shutterstock

And sometimes, the curious get arrested. For example, two young YouTubers got a little too close to Area 51 and ended up in handcuffs. Then there was “Storm Area 51,” where millions of people sign on to show up at Area 51 and “see them, aliens.” So what is it about this place? What’s really going on there?

Let’s finally see what Area 51 really is and why people are so obsessed, confused, and intrigued by it.

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