Animals Lost to Time and Space: 40 Mammals Gone Extinct in the Past Century

Animals have been going extinct since the beginning of time. But until humans came into the mix, these extinctions were usually the result of volcano explosions, meteorites, ice ages, and other natural disasters. However, a different and much more rapid trend of extinction has begun to develop, and it seems to be correlated with human growth. As humans have become smarter and healthier, animals seem not to be able to keep up, and sadly end up being extinct. We have gathered a list of 40 mammals that have gone extinct in about the last 40 years.

Wondiwoi Tree-Kangaroo (2018)

The unusual monkey-like kangaroo clambers through the trees of the montane forests of New Guinea. It had been seen there only once before by Western scientists, in 1928.


Source: Pinterest

Recently the elusive, and rare species were spotted and photographed, but then never seen again. There is vast speculation among conservationist that the species is extinct as of today.

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