Albino Animals: They’re One in a Million and as Cool, as it Gets

Have you ever seen a white tiger, lobster, or Doberman? Chances are you haven’t, but today you will. We’re going to show you 40 animals that are either purely white or partially discolored, creating a truly interesting appearance.

All of these animals are albino. Albinism is an umbrella term that includes a number of genetic pigmentation disorders, including leucism, which is a partial lack of pigment. Albino animals are just like any other animals, they just have a coloration that gives them a one in a million look. And sometimes, it’s so rare, that they are literally one in a million!

South Africa’s White Lioness: The Coolest Cat on Earth

White lions have been seen in South Africa on a rare occasion for decades now. Being so different and rare, myths have circulated, explaining their color. One legend says a meteor strike gave them their white fur. This pair of white lion sisters were born in 2009 in South Africa’s Kruger Park.


Chad Cocking

The Lions have dark noses, so they aren’t completely albino; they’re leucistic. Unfortunately for albino lions, who use their coloration as camouflage while hunting, their coloring isn’t very helpful. At least they live in pride and hunt together. And they’re also just so cool.

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