Airport Passenger Trying to Solve a Mystery After Detecting a Man Throw a Strange Package in the Trash

Few people enjoy flying. We like getting to our destinations, but the whole act of going to the airport and getting through security is just dull, time-consuming, and problematic for many airline passengers, especially in the United States. With security becoming stricter, getting through an airport is a bigger challenge than ever before.

So, when this woman and her boyfriend were waiting in line and noticed a man tossing a mysterious package in the airport trash, they knew they had to take a closer look. The man had desperately wanted to keep the package but was forced to throw it away by the officials, so the woman and her partner knew it had to be something special. Little did they know that their curiosity was about to lead to a series of astonishing events.

Our Story Begins in an Airport

Ivelise Hernandez, a Tampa resident, had a flight reserved from St Petersburg-Clearwater Airport. She was being accompanied by her boyfriend, Rico Bankston, who had offered to drive her out and say goodbye before she boarded her plane.


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The pair arrived at the airport, as usual, completely unaware of the strange story that was about to unfold. For Rico and Ivelise, it just seemed like a regular day, but when they got to the security line, Ivelise’s attention was immediately drawn by an irate passenger who was arguing with the security workers.

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