After Nearly 80 Years, The Once Lost Submarine is Found

It Mysteriously Sank

The USS Grunion was a Gato-class submarine that operated during World War II in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. The Grunion was reported to have been attacked by Japanese anti-submarine squads, but somehow it managed to avoid sinking. In July 1942, it was moved to Kiska Island, where the Grunion sank two enemy patrol boats.


Source: CNN

Then, on 30 July 1942, the submarine mysteriously sank, leaving no record of activity. The reasons for the sinking remained a mystery, that is, until 2007, when the shipwreck was discovered. While the bulk of the wreckage was identified, the bow of the submarine was still missing. The researchers eventually found the bow, but it turns out there’s a lot more to the story.

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