After Nearly 80 Years, The Once Lost Submarine is Found

For a while, the mystery of the USS Grunion was one that seemed like it would remain unsolved. For nearly 80 years, no one knew what happened to the submarine or its 69-man crew. With time, what used to be a tragic loss became little more than an interesting footnote in the history books. But for a certain few, the fate of the Grunion is a lot more personal.


USS Grunion (SS-216), 20 March 1942 at the Electric Boat Co., Groton, CT. Source: Wikipedia

The mere passage of time wasn’t enough to get the proper closure they needed. One particular family’s determination led them on a journey to uncover the truth about Grunion. It also inspired them to make a rather unexpected move once they got their answers.

This is the story of one family whose mission was to uncover the story of a war submarine, and more importantly, their father.

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