Believe it Or Not, These Lawsuits in America Made Their Way to Court

Let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we? Trivial lawsuits are about as American as apple pie. We all love to talk about and even make fun of those who, after some trivial inconvenience, take a person or an entire company to court demanding ridiculous amounts of money. And as frivolous as these lawsuits may be, many of them actually end up winning!



Lawsuits are filed each year with legitimate claims that deserve to be taken seriously and do indeed deserve a major payout, but those aren’t the ones that make the headlines. The ones that make it to the water filter conversations are the outrageous ones. Let me take a guess – the first one that just popped in your head as the McDonald’s lawsuit where a person sued the franchise after being burned by piping hot coffee. But here’s the thing: that’s just one example. As you’ll see, people have gone so far as to sue God himself…

Let’s go through the best ones that we’ve rounded up, and you can be the judge (pun intended) as to whether or not the part that won was justified. And let me warn you: your jaw will drop.

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