A Timeline of Unforgettable Moments in the History of the Academy Awards

2019: Billy Porter’s Tux-Gown Goes Viral

Whoever saw the Oscars this year or at least saw the red carpet moments, definitely remembers seeing Billy Porter in his tuxedo dress. He was one of the first arrivals at the Oscars 2019. The actor with a modest, yet dedicated following got a lot bigger thanks to this outfit. Billy Porter, the star of Pose, chose to wear a custom Christian Siriano tux-gown that cut the ribbon of the red carpet.


Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock

It was both masculine and feminine, and it left a lot of people confused as to how they felt about it. The benefits were also twofold. Not only did the 49-year-old actor outshine his competition from the start, but he also made a play for the Twitterverse. Within moments, Tweeters confirmed that the best-dressed contest was over. It was a progressive move, too.

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