A 1955 Plane Crash Had a Sinister Reason Behind It

A Ball of Fire… at Dinner

It was a regular day in Longmont, Colorado, when a man named Conrad Hopp sat down for dinner with his family on November 1, 1955. As the Hopp family were enjoying their meal in the house on the farm Conrad grew up on, something suddenly startled them. Hopp, then 18 years old, heard “this loud explosion that shook all the windows in the house.”


wreckage United Airlines Flight 629. Source: thedenverchannel.com

“We looked outside, and we could hear the roar of the engines — that’s how you knew it was a plane — and the ball of the fire coming through the air.” Conrad and his brother immediately ran outside, just in time to lose sight of the flaming wreckage behind the far buildings on the farm.

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