A 1955 Plane Crash Had a Sinister Reason Behind It

Airport officials and authorities were baffled when on November 1, 1955, United Airlines Flight 629 exploded just minutes after leaving the tarmac. The airplane had been in perfect condition and successfully completed two flights earlier that day. Initial investigations proved fruitless, and it appeared the crash might remain unsolved. That is until investigators found a victim’s handbag.


A United DC-6 at Stapleton Airport, similar to the aircraft involved. Source: Wikipedia

This particular handbag, belonging to a Mrs. Daisie King, contained some very strange and fruitful leads involving someone very close to her: her son. What did Mrs. King have in her handbag? And what did authorities find that led them to believe that her own son planned his mother’s death by means of a plane crash? Well, you’re soon to find out.

This is the true story of a boy who planned his own mother’s demise – as well as that of 43 others…

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