75 of the Best “One Hit Wonder” Songs of All Time

It’s just past July and, with it, come fond memories of the past. Musically, this month has a record of producing some of the greatest hits in history. In fact, let’s go back five decades to July 1969, when “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies was released. An iconic song, it gained worldwide popularity thanks to its witty lines, a cartoon-based video and excellent execution. Written by Andy Kim and Jeff Barry, the song attained commercial success on so many levels, landing the top spot on the 1969 Billboard Hot 100 charts, where it dominated for four weeks straight. Also, the song stayed at number one in the UK Singles Chart for eight weeks straight.

Have a look at the original video version, released in 1969, below:

For the Archies, “Sugar Sugar” turned out to be the song that etched their name in history, making them a one hit wonder. Keeping this in mind, we’ll be taking a look at the 75 greatest one-hit wonders of all time.

The Knack – “My Sharona” (1979)

Sometimes, all a band needs to go down in history is one great song. For The Knack, debut single “My Sharona” was their golden ticket and is still considered to be the best song they ever produced, having stayed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

The song gained so much commercial success that it became the first song since the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to achieve the fastest rise to Gold Status on Capitol Records. Unfortunately, despite the bands’ incredible debut success, they never produced another top 10 single again.

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