63 Funny And Entertaining Air Travel Incidents

Airline travel is an art that broadens one’s horizon beyond whatever they have experienced at home and within the four walls. It is no doubt that it is a life-changing experience in which people collect memories, relics, and exciting concepts that last a lifetime. It is simply irresistible for travelers not to share their expertise or tweet about their flight along the journey.

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To make the airline more surreal, we have collected and compiled images, quotes, and concepts that make airline travel especially enjoyable. The compilation of the best images and work is outlined below; it is our sincere hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we did in the experience of gathering them.

One for the road

The most hectic part of airplane travel has always been the luggage. The bigger the luggage, the more hectic the experience and even get more complicated it the exportation of goods and food items. The exporting of food especially involves a long process of strict rules; most people would rather not.

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However, the guy in the picture is captivated by a local beer and decides it is worth the trouble. He goes through the entire process of exporting foods for a can of beer. Without a doubt, a ticklish sight, seeing a single can of beer comes down from the conveyor belt.

Lost in thought

When we travel most of the time, the guy sited next to you is not your concern. In most cases, one would instead keep the neighbor to themselves and let each other enjoy the trip suddenly. This is the common trend unless you are sited next to a celebrity or popular Tv show. The experience is bound to be exciting, and a selfie might even be involved.

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However, our selfie is not filled with the kind of excitement one would have sitted next to a celebrity. I mean, sitting next to Mr. Hurley from the Tv show lost is a gruesome reminder of the last tragic flight he took in the show. Now his neighbor is not exactly thrilled to be sitting next to him; now tell us, would you enjoy a ride next to Mr. Hurley?

No You…No You

Long distances between lovers can be emotionally draining, which makes airports meeting points of emotional overload. What does the popular saying go by? The airport has seen more sincere kisses than weddings. When people reunite after a long time apart, time tends to freeze, and they forget where they are or who is watching.

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While most people would try to contain themselves or minimize attention, the couple in the frame does the exact opposite. They are sitting in the middle of a doorway, staring deep into each other’s eyes as if they are trying to hold on to every last opportunity before goodbye. While it is a romantic moment for them and a romantic site for others, some people may find things annoying or inconvenient. The airport is, after all, a public facility, and even with love, I’m sure the lovely couple can find a corner away from people’s way to enjoy each other.


Everyone has heard that animals can help people cope with their emotions, but a panda is unlikely to be one of them, at least not in this world. We can all agree that they are adorable, cuddly, and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Booking a seat for a panda on a flight, however, may be unlawful.

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It must have happened somewhere, as evidenced by this photograph. However, witnessing something like this after boarding a plane must be one of the strangest and most amusing sensations imaginable. What will your reaction be?

Save My Seat

Some of the stuffed animals are priceless and hold a special place in our hearts, which is acceptable and appropriate. This episode, on the other hand, is bringing things to a new level. He had purchased and fastened up a special seat for a filled hamburger in preparation for a long ride.

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This may be going too far, but it provides enough entertainment; at the very least, no one on the aircraft will be bored. Many of the passengers are pondering how they might ask the man why. We’re sure there are a handful of the curious ones.

A Little In-Flight Snack

One of the best parts of traveling is spending quality time with your family and friends while also enjoying a delicious meal. We have all low-key wished to take the leftovers on the plane with us.

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This next guy took it up a notch, and instead of wishing, he brought all of the leftovers on the aircraft with him. Looking at him, it’s apparent that he had enough food to share with the other passengers. Will they succeed? If they don’t, they should at the very least get off the plane and jump in. Otherwise, that would be impolite.

Emoji That!

Masks are becoming increasingly vital in our daily lives, as well as an integral component of travel. Things aren’t likely to alter anytime soon, at least for the foreseeable future. Wearing a mask is necessary for your protection, but wearing this type of mask takes things to a whole other level. Perhaps this man is attempting to express his views about the world’s current state.

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But it doesn’t matter what the reasons are. Wearing a mask that resembles a poop emoji may get a lot of laughing from your other passengers.

How big was that suitcase?

This one is a little more difficult to spot. So keep an eye out for rubbish cans positioned in front of security checkpoints. That’s right; your eyes are not deceiving you; you are looking at a composite bow.

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It’s both amusing and alarming at the same time. How did this guy get that bow through security without someone telling him he couldn’t make it through an airport? At the very least, he should have realized he wouldn’t be able to keep this when boarding the plane.

Hair Today!

If you’re a flight attendant, you’ve probably seen strange items left on the plane by passengers. However, witnessing a flurry of extensions merely lying on the seat might be the strangest one yet. What kind of person could forget anything like that?

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They’re also quite pricey. You may believe that because the woman’s head is lighter, she’ll notice that something is missing, but I guess you’re mistaken; that isn’t the case here. When she is about to retire to bed, she will realize something is wrong, but it will be too late.


ng can be aggravating and annoying at times, especially if your neighbor is constantly trying to attract your attention and is unaware of personal limits. However, it is stated that if your neighbor is this adorable and little pup, you can put up with him.
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This tiny puppy is riding on his owner’s lap to visit his family, and he appears to have taken a shine to the person to his left. How can anyone be angry with such a fascinating creature? Just look at his small lovely face.

Move Over — I Can’t See!

This site is funny, and it will undoubtedly make your heart skip a beat and cause your gut to burst with laughter. These are typical responses from interested children on their first flight, peering out the window to see what the world looks like.

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However, the situation, in this case, is rather different. The fact that two mature men are peering out the window adds to the comedy of this scene. One can almost hear them say, “Move over, I want to see!” we’re sure they’re saying.

OMG…Another Announcement

Everyone enjoys the Captain’s announcements and updates as we fly to our destination. They keep us informed about what’s going on, such as when meals will be served and how long the trip will take to get to our destination.

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Watching movies is also an excellent strategy to keep oneself from becoming bored. So, while movies may be the primary source of entertainment, the Captain interrupted the film at this very moment, which we believe is far more entertaining than the film itself.

Honk If You’re a Fan of Geese

Bringing dogs on a plane is one of the craziest things you might see on an aircraft nowadays. It can be both irritating and amusing at the same time. Consider this: where are you likely to encounter a goose with a belt around his neck?

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All we can hope for is that this goose has excellent social skills and is at ease in a crowd. If not, there will undoubtedly be a lot of honking and flapping along the way!

It Takes a lot of you

After a long night of rehearsal, this gentleman was finally done and couldn’t practice any longer on his tiny keyboard. We’re sure his fellow passengers were delighted, and they were probably thanking God for the tranquility. Although it’s humorous that he’s all set up and ready to go.

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Maybe he’s thinking of the best ways to pass the time on aircraft flights. Yes, his next-door neighbor has no idea, and he has no idea that he is riding beside the next Beethoven!

Personal Protective Equipment

The world can be frightening, especially right now. Everyone’s top priority is, without a doubt, safety. However, there is a distinction to be made between being safe and being insane. This individual has wrapped himself in a plastic bag to protect himself from any illness.

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The concept isn’t so horrible, but how can he stand the heat within there? Furthermore, the plastic bag’s usage rules prohibit you from using it as a toy. Is that how they’re supposed to be worn over your head? But, indeed, this man had spent his money on hand sanitizer?

Take a break and unwind

Can we all just give the person a standing ovation for being so accommodating before discussing how humorous and unpleasant this is? Leaving that aside, how terrifying would it be for someone who has just woken up from a nap and still has a fuzzy vision to see two straight legs standing up in the air?

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We’re sure PG-13 isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a movie. However, once you figure out what’s going on, you’re likely to laugh a few times.

A little of Footsie

We all wanted to stretch our legs during that long, stressful journey, but only a few of us did. This person appears to have no shame in their game, and they’ve even decided to remove their socks. This may appear to be a peaceful activity, but it is pretty hazardous.

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What if someone needs to use the restroom right now? Then that could put those tootsies in jeopardy. However, living dangerously may be his distinct way of life.

Airing it Out

Carrying a pair or two of socks may not bother you as much while traveling light. So it could be why this gentleman thought that drying his socks with the window shade was a good idea. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have any smelly or foul-smelling feet.

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When traveling by airline, these kinds of things are one of the most frustrating or heartbreaking things to observe. And you can’t help but chuckle. Otherwise, you might say something you’ll come to regret.

Do you have a headrest?

If you’re on a plane, comfort is undoubtedly a game of many compromises and agreements. This is something that all of us who have traveled a little are aware of. You must acclimatize all of your passengers—the person in front of you, next to you, and behind you. So when a fellow passenger in front of you asks whether it’s okay to recline back, you helplessly nod.

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Maybe he was only expecting a slight lean and not the whole lean. However, it may work out. After all, he can finally unwind his mind and take a quick nap.

Dirty Dogs

Feet have a certain quality about them that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Not only is this gentleman airing his feet, but he also appears to be using a washing apparatus. We’re not sure if we would have found it amusing if we had been in his shoes.

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From the outside, it may appear to be pretty amusing even though we had all groaned in despair at one point or another. It’s not a significant issue, but we can’t dismiss it totally. What we mean is that if you feel a tingle and turn around to check where it came from, you’ll notice…oh, it’s from these monstrosities. What would your reaction be?

Do you mind if I ask you to excuse me?

Kids are adorable, but having them as travel companions on the plane may go either way. Kids can be adorable, friendly, and cooperative companions, or they might be the reason you don’t get any sleep for a 10-hour long-distance journey.

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It appears like the kids are attempting to make new acquaintances by reaching between the seats in an attempt to get the attention of the person seated behind them. It’s adorable, but we doubt it’ll stay that way for long. Nonetheless, watching it is extremely entertaining.

Sharing is Caring

We have no idea what this gentleman thought when he took off his shoes and placed them on the unoccupied seat next to him. Perhaps he would take advantage of the rare occasion to remove his boots and allow his feet to breathe. He’s well aware of the situation and has wisely pulled out a mask to shield himself from germs and odors.

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This isn’t cool in the least. At the very least, he should have provided masks to the passengers in the immediate vicinity, just as he did to himself. That would’ve been a thoughtful gesture.

I’m just going to put this here.

It can be challenging to travel with a baby. In addition to maneuvering the bags and stroller, you must also ensure that the little munchkin remains calm. But, in our opinion, this goes a little too far. The baby is unable to relax in the overhead baggage compartment.

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In truth, this parent was only trying to get things straightened out and figured, why not let the youngster relax for a moment where he could be seen by daddy dearest? Even when the passengers boarded, we’re sure it was a humorous sight to behold.

Just Relaxing

What would your reaction be if you were in this situation? Take a look at how the pilot manages in the small plane, which is so small that you can see into the cockpit. Perhaps the pilot should not lean back in such a way that he appears to be relaxing on a sandy, sunny beach. Depending on how the person viewing it sees it, this site could be both amusing and unsettling.

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Actually, we think it’s quite entertaining to watch. But keep your fingers crossed and hope that this plane isn’t in mid-flight while the pilot relaxes. If they were in the air, it wouldn’t be as interesting!

Head and Shoulder

We’ve all had unpleasant experiences on flights similar to this one. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be when the seatmate next to us falls asleep on our shoulder. However, this woman seemed to be laughing it off, and just looking at her makes us chuckle as well.

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This woman is clearly not furious or disturbed, but she may be ashamed that her seatmate chose to utilize her shoulder and arm as a resting pillow.

Coat Rack

We assume the individual in the seat in front of this tourist is very patient. At the very least, the person could now see a portion of the screen; it could have been worse if the woman’s jacket had completely obscured the screen. It’s amazing to see how selfish or inconsiderate some people can be toward others, to the point where they don’t even think about them.

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This situation might easily evolve into a fight, depending on how the person reacts. We’ll know more as time goes on.


There are two ways to look at this: one that is amusing, and the other that is disgusting. Few airlines give you only one personal item to keep your belongings in while on the flight before charging you a hefty fee for a second bag. Perhaps this person was attempting to be cautious and conserve money.

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Would you, however, include a filthy diaper with the liquids you brought to stay hydrated? That doesn’t seem appealing in the least, and it leans toward the nasty side.


Someone being so generous as to want to share their lunch with another traveler is quite admirable. When it’s left on the arm of an airplane seat, on the other hand, the amount of kindness drops slightly. The passengers should have thrown their trash away before the attendant came by to collect it.

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Instead, they want to give it to someone else. They most likely thought it was amusing. Perhaps it’s a tad amusing, but it’s not quite enough to make us laugh out loud.

Oink, oink,

stuffed into the bed of a pickup truck, But he’s back, and he’s happier than ever.This pig is an emotional support animal who is a lot cuter than we expected. Isn’t he looking like he’s having the time of his life?!

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Can you imagine traveling by airline with a pig by your side? This is another amusing and unusual animal photograph that does not appear to have been taken on an airplane. A pig is more like a companion on the farm or in the back of a pickup truck. The pig, on the other hand, seemed to be having the time of his life here.

And a1, And a2

It is not beneficial for a human, regardless of age, to sit for extended amounts of time, especially with the pressure you are subjected to when sitting on an airplane for lengthy amounts of time.

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Do you think you’ll be able to pull it off? If you’re this woman, you’ll break into callisthenics in the middle of the aisle, just like she did.The ladies around her appear to be thrilled with the woman’s flexibility, although being irritated by it. We’re glad someone snapped a photo of this because it’s something we don’t see very often.

I Only Require a Small Amount of Space

You may have enjoyed the privilege of traveling and sitting in your own private cabin if you have ever traveled first-class. The chairs in that cabin are designed to provide a little more comfort. Oh, no, these coach seats were not going to provide her with any “me time.”

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So she rigged a blanket and made herself a little room. She can now enjoy a relaxing and delightful ride. This is hilarious in so many ways, and it’s a decent DIY first-class cabin.

Candid Camera

Do you believe it’s really him? Is it possible that his owner simply painted the Target area on the dog because he’s traveling with a renowned dog and hoping for preferential treatment?

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We’ll never know, but isn’t it amazing that he’s just hanging out in the world without a worry in the world? Plus, who knew he was always wearing makeup? This dog’s life was unquestionably altered by his celebrity. We’re really taken aback by the cosmetics it wore. He’s such a diva!

Cello All

Only a few people will take an extra seat. So, why do you require that additional seat? What if it’s for a service animal? Do you need a little more space and comfort? No, I require it for the performance of my cello. This lady couldn’t bear leaving her prized instrument in the hands of luggage handlers.

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We understand, but because she didn’t, this image has become imprinted in our minds. It made us giggle for a long time, and we assumed she was completely unaware of anything.

May the force be with you

There are many people that enjoy cosplaying. It’s nice most of the time, but it may also be bizarre at times. Consider this individual. Why not take off the Chewbacca outfit before boarding a plane?

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We don’t disagree that it’s a fantastic Comic-Con suit, but my, the looks he’ll be getting.Furthermore, we expect it to be really hot up there. Planes are already unpleasant enough, so why would you put yourself through this? We’d nod our heads left and right for this one since it’s subjective.

Make Yourself at Home

Look, we’re all aware that you have two seats, and you’re quite fortunate! It’s one thing to stretch out in order to be comfortable. Unbuckling the trousers, on the other hand, is excessive and dangerously close to crossing a line. Isn’t it possible to merely remove the belt? We’re confident that would have alleviated some of the discomforts.

Source: Pinterest

This person is just getting settled in, which is amusing in and of itself. But let’s hope he doesn’t go any farther so we don’t have to talk to him about it.

I’m a Little Tied up

Can you imagine being tethered to your seat on an airplane like this man? This may occur if you become overly eager before a flight and your buddies are unsure how to handle the issue. Another possibility is that this is a person who has evaded bail and is now being brought back to reality.

Source: ebaumsworld

Whatever it was, we wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry if we were on this aircraft with him. After all, we don’t know what the person’s problem is…

Dreading the Flight

This situation is being handled incorrectly by these two. But, hey, it makes for a fun trip for the other passengers. Dealing with the dreads draped over the screen is inconsiderate and even a little annoying for the kids. Tieing them to the seat tray, on the other hand, is a little cruel.

Source: reddit

But how can the person not sense it? They can feel half of their dread ripping out of their heads when they stand up.


Is the zookeeper, Jack Hanna, onboard? Who has a service animal that is a penguin? This appears to be a strange companion, but they’re so freakin’cute, we’re guessing the other passengers have forgotten how strange it is in this situation. We believe they’ve all matured into young adults.

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Who wouldn’t adorably welcome two cute penguins on board as companions when they walk down the aisle of an airplane? That’s both amusing and adorable!

I’ve Been Pondering

Traveling with children can be a challenge. When the youngsters start leaping up and down and looking around the plane to see what’s going on with the other passengers, you need to level up. This is unsettling, but this father has devised a plan to keep his child occupied.

Source: justdigit.org

We are confident that the other passengers will appreciate it. We’re curious as to how long the wonderful dad was able to keep the kid engaged, and how much the subsequent chiropractor appointments would cost…

What They Eat

This sad turkey overheard the Thanksgiving dinner conversation and made the decision to leave. As a result, he jumped on a plane and flew to an aeroplane, which is a wild guess as to what transpired here.

Source: parential

Other possibilities include being fooled onto the plane to be taken to his final destination, or being used as a service animal. Whatever the reason for this tiny guy’s being on the plane, this circumstance is simply too amusing to ignore.

Fighting Mad

Anger may build quickly, and fighting is never a good idea, but it may be entertaining at times, at least until one of them is harmed. As these two women came to blows, the rest of the passengers instantly took out their phones and began photographing it.

Source: drivepedia

Fighting on a plane is, after all, a rare occurrence. It’s not every day that you see a group of girls on a plane throwing fists. The flight attendant, on the other hand, has more options than simply waiting. That’s all we’re saying!

Stop horsing around

We always like to fly on aircraft with enough legroom. It contributes to the flight’s comfort and enjoyment. However, because this man has so much space, he was able to fly with his pony.

Source: sparkpeople

This is how a service animal appears, and it’s an excellent decision. You not only get a cute, small friend to wander around with, but you also get a mode of transportation in case you get lost. What a scene that would be, and it would undoubtedly be entertaining!

Would you like a cold one…or ten?

On the other hand, there is a sizable group of people who dislike flying, and every one of them handles it in their own unique way. Looking at the photo, it’s clear that these two males enjoy drinking themselves to sleep. And look at him, he’s still carrying his brew in his arms like it’s his baby.

Man sleeping in an airplane

Source: Imgur

Consider what would happen if a flight attendant approached and attempted to remove the tightly clasped bottles. The real show will begin at that point.

‘Headphones? Nah, No Need for Those’

I think we all know that long flights can be draggy and boring, and so, playing video games is such a great way to fritter away the time. However, this does not give you the right to be ignorant of your surroundings, like the guy in this photo!

Source: piximus.net

For hours, this guy literally didn’t care about his/her seatmates personal space and privacy by playing his game at maximum volume. Imagine having to sit through a flight with those loud sound effects— it would’ve been game over for me.

‘Perfect Time for a Manicure’

How the hell did this guy get a nail clipper past security? Isn’t that illegal? Kidding aside, I don’t really know what’s going on in his head, thinking that it was completely fine to trim his nails mid-flight.

Source: foodfortravel.com

I feel disgusted at the thought of a person’s fingernails flying around the aircraft, and it possibly hitting me any time. I mean, isn’t it public knowledge that nail clipping should never be done in public?

‘This Is the Best Place to Break up With My Girlfriend’

Yes, there’s really no perfect way to end a relationship; either way, it will suck. However, I think it’s common knowledge that breakups shouldn’t be done in public—moreso, inside an airplane where there’s literally no privacy.

Source: foodfortravel.com

I can only imagine the extreme discomfort other passengers felt while seeing the girl bawl her eyes out. Plus, wouldn’t it be so awkward to sit by your ex-partner through the entire trip with no one talking to each other?

‘I’ll Present the Person Behind Me With a Hair Cascade’

I’m gagging so hard looking at this photo. The woman must be so proud of her long-wavy hair because by doing what she did in the photo, she obviously wanted to be the center of attention.

Source: foodfortravel.com

I think we can all agree that a normal person would’ve sat his/her hair down, clearly, she ain’t normal! HA! She probably thinks that the person behind would’ve appreciated staring at her locks the entire flight, but obviously, the man’s face says it all— and this wasn’t the case.

‘Smell My Foot’

Removing your shoes in a public space is already such a big no-no, what more removing them and shoving your feet in front of other people’s face? Add to this the possibility of having smelly feet that would be so unpleasant for anyone sitting nearby.

Source: pikabu.ru

Let’s be better citizens and remember not to ever do what this person’s doing ever again. I mean, I don’t understand how a person can be so thick-skinned to have the guts to do such action!

‘Popping a Zit: There’s No Time Like the Present’

Getting rid of a pimple by yourself is already generally unhygienic, but if you really can’t help yourself, please don’t do it anytime, anywhere. Look at how awkward (and funny) the girl is in the photo.

Source: Pinterest

I would have laughed my ass off at the sight of other people doing such act in public. Here’s our little tip, get rid of that mirror away, sweetie, this is for your own good!

‘Nope, I Don’t Need to Go the Bathroom to Brush My Teeth’

Yes, dental hygiene is important, and brushing your teeth is a commendable act to do— but not in public! Come on, brushing your teeth with someone next to you? I don’t know if that’s funny, gross, embarrassing or what!

Source: Pinterest

Indeed, airplane bathrooms aren’t the best or comfortable at all, but isn’t it more uncomfy brushing your teeth in front of hundreds of other passengers?


There’s nothing more annoying than seeing other people chew their hearts out in a disgusting manner! Just like this young man over here who doesn’t seem to know how to properly eat his Cheetos!

Source: Reddit

Who in the right age and mindset would open his/her mouth while chewing? And look at the amount of crumbs on the guy’s shirt! I get goosebumps just looking at the photo. His mom better teach him better manners!

‘I’ll Use Their Tray Table, They’ll Won’t Even Notice’

Hitting two birds with one stone isn’t necessarily bad. Just like this man who wanted to work while watching a movie. However, because of limited space in a plane, look at what he decided to do. He used another person’s tray table!

Source: Reddit

I mean, did he think that was a respectable thing to do? If he asked for permission, then that would’ve been slightly more respectful (I guess?) but regardless, have better manners people!

Did I Forget Something?

This picture isn’t situated on the airplane itself, but look at this lady thinking that she lived in the airport. On a more serious note, maybe she’s lost something so valuable that she had to fling out all her belongings!

Source: foodfortravel.com

Whatever’s the case, it’s got to be an emergency that she had to literally display all her stuff. The bigger problem she probably faced was repacking everything back to the suitcases— that’s even more stressful!

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Plane food isn’t the most palatable, but sometimes, on a long flight, it’s good to munch on something to ease your growling stomach. However, please don’t go overboard like this child did!

Source: foodfortravel.com

It seems that he/she simply decided to grab something he/she liked from another person! At least the act was done by a child! If not, it would’ve been embarrassing!

Optimal Clothing Rack

I can’t even fathom how someone could do something as insensitive as this. When has it become normal to dry your clothes all throughout the plane? Your only wish, if you were on the same flight, would be that the clothes didn’t smell.

Source: Pinterest

If they did, then it would’ve been hours of hell! Next time, flight attendants should reprimand people like this! I would’ve complained a lot!

You Missed the Garbage

No one ever wants to have a messy area to stay in, regardless of place! What more when you’re on a plane, which is a shared space with other people. It’s nice to be aware of your surroundings and not like this person who simply didn’t care at all.

Source: foodfortravel.com

How could anyone with the right decency put all his/her trash in the aisle where everyone would pass by? Has humanity lost all their shame already?

Faulty Microwave

This wins the award for the strangest thing to ever happen on a plane. I don’t know if the person’s weird or what, but did he seriously believe that putting his food close to the light would heat it up?

Source: piximus.net

What’s happening to the logic of people nowadays, it seems humanity has lost its ability to think! Lol, jokes aside, we hope the pizza tastes okay in the end!

Magazine Mess

Well, I pity the flight crew who has to clean all this mess. So did this specific passenger fly out to another place to get magazines? Or maybe something he/she saw in the articles was upsetting?

Source: focus.de

I guess we’ll never know! Regardless of the situation however, it’s never acceptable to leave such a huge mess like this! People should learn to keep their emotions (and trash) right where they belong!

Daddy Longlegs

We know that feeling your legs get when their tired of sitting too long, and so stretching your legs is normal once in a while. But look at this person! I guess his legs were hurting so much that he decided to go out of a limb to stretch it outwards.

Source: Reddit

Let’s just hope that his socks didn’t smell at all, or that would’ve been a nightmare for everyone on the plane! Remember guys, decency please — have some shame for yourself!

Curtain Calling

Like the photo we shared earlier of a woman flexing her long locks, this girl wasn’t any different at all. In fact, what she’s doing is much worse as her hair has completely covered the entire screen of the person behind her!

Source: news.milli.az

What would you have done if someone did this to you! For sure, I would have complained instead of snapping a photo! Ha!

Some Toes for Your Nose

Not only is it disgusting to see someone else’s feet (in flesh) in public, but worse, if they stink of a rancid smell! Look at this poor guy who had to endure the smell of the foot beside him for the entire duration of the flight!

Source: izismile.com

I would’ve been annoyed to the highest level! Seriously, if anyone’s going to be this insensitive in the first place, at the very least please make sure that you’re foot doesn’t have any odor that’ll disrupt everyone around you!

Daddy Long-Legs

This guy probably thinks that his long-hairy legs are his best feature, and that’s why he wanted to flaunt it to everyone in the plane! Maybe he was thinking that he could get a girl to like him for his legs?

Source: weixinyidu.com

We’ll never really know, but I hope what he did made him happy and confident about himself! If anyone wondered what the world’s longest nice-looking legs look like, this has got to be a big contender!

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