Going Sailing – 40 Smart and Funny Boat Names

Boats are very special. To those that own them, they come as a luxury, to be taken out usually on weekends. Because many people who own boats have worked very hard in life just to own one, their boats become very precious to them and hence are ordained with very special names. The names of these boats are well-thought out and may even make you laugh. Each one of them is eye-catching and will make you think “what did I just read?” Well, take a look and let these boat names entertain you the way it entertained us!

1. You Better Notice Me!

This man clearly wants to be noticed. I fact, we think the whole point of this boat purchase is to get a whole lot of envious stares from onlookers.



With the name, “No Money Wasted” it is clear that the owner of this boat definitely appreciates his purchase and obviously treasures his boat.

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