40 Astonishing Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Little House On The Prairie

Some TV shows are just so popular and beloved, they take on a special kind of status in popular culture. Little House on the Prairie is one of those shows. Even people who never even saw the show will be familiar with the name because it ran for such a long time and had so many fans.

Based on the ‘Little House’ stories, written by Laura Ingalls, the show was all about a family living together on a farm in Minnesota in the late 19th century. The show began in 1974 and ran all the way through to 192, with reruns still being shown to this day and the show still earning new fans and followers in the modern era.

It’s a special show that touched the hearts of people young and old and told us all some amazing stories. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of the show, a lot of interesting tales were also unfolding. Read on to discover a lot of fascinating stories regarding the cast, crew, and the production of the show, as well as some mind-blowing facts you would never have guessed.

It was also just recently announced that a film based on the series is in its beginning stages at Paramount Pictures. The studio picked up the movie adaption after Sony Pictures dropped it in 2012.

Michael Landon Cast His Own Daughter

Michael Landon had worked hard to get to where he was in life after enduring a difficult childhood. When he became a father, he vowed to do all he could to provide for his kids and help them enjoy a positive start to life.

Source: icepop.com

So, when he got a chance to cast his own daughter in Little House on the Prairie, he took it. Leslie Landon appeared in the show a few times as one of the school teachers, Etta Plum. She later studied psychology and ended up getting a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy.

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