The Rise and Fall of the Infamous Automobile Tycoon, Henry Ford

While working as the Edison Illuminating Company’s chief engineer, Henry Ford, had a little side project. In the shed behind his home, Ford was busy building the first gasoline-powered horseless carriage, dubbed the “Quadricycle.” This invention led to the establishment of the Ford Motor Company, which rolled out the Model T five years later.


Photo by Universal History Archive, UIG, Shutterstock / Granger, Shutterstock

Sales skyrocketed, and soon more than half of American drivers owned one. Ford dominated the automobile market as well as the headlines, but not in the best way. From creating fake companies to being an outspoken “pacifist” during World War I and II, Henry Ford was no stranger to controversy.

So, what exactly inspired Henry Ford to invent the Model T? And what led to his eventual demise? We answer all those questions and more.

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