The Origins of the Legendary All-American Brand: Harley Davidson

Looking at the world today, some of the biggest brands are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google. Technology has really advanced throughout the years, but some legendary companies were around way before. Harley Davidson is one of America’s oldest companies, but still widely known. The tale behind the motorcycle giant is pretty much the definition of the American dream.


Saint Nicholas with a Harley Davidson motorbike. Feast of Saint Nicholas celebrations, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2018. Photo By Robin Utrecht/Shutterstock

Like many other brands, Harley Davidson started off very humbly in a 10 x 15-foot tool shed. After surviving the Great Depression, the company went on to become a famous motorcycle powerhouse. For more than a century, the brand displayed American power and resilience. Despite taking the motorcycle world by storm, there were still obstacles to overcome along the way.

This is the incredible story of how this monumental brand went against all the odds to become legendary in American history.

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