The Cold War: Peculiar Inventions That Stretched Human Imagination

The Cold War began shortly after WW2 as the Communist Russian Soviets were trying to take over and oppress the world with their fascist ideals, and intense need to corrupt poor nations. The United States did what it could during the Cold War to fight the Russians indirectly through the help of proxy wars around the globe. Many crazy weapons were produced during this time, and very few of them made it out. Here is a list of the most Bizzare war inventions of the Cold War. Where did they come from? Why did they even exist? Did they even work?

“It Will Fly I Promise!”

Cold War technology began its heights at the end of WW2. The German Luftwaffe began its innovative air missions before 1945. The German Reich was the most torturous and awful regime in the history of modern man, but their technological imagination in the air revolutionized the way humans see the world of flight. This German plane is called the Blohm & Voss BV 141. The 141 had the cockpit on the wing rather than the over the engine, carries a rear stabilizer on only the left side of the plane.

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