Facts about the Aircraft of the Commander in Chief – Air Force One

Air Force One is the specific planes that are equipped with amazing features to transport the president of the United States. If you’re curious about this historic and famous plane of the Commander-In-Chief, we made a list for you to get to know the surprising facts of the Air Force One. Check our list below and learn the facts that can blow your mind!

Air Force One – a Spacious Flying House

Air Force One has three levels of 4,000 square feet, making it a triple-decker in the sky. The president can happily stretch his/her legs once in a while in this spacious flying house. This plane features a large suite for the president, with a latrine, conference room and a capacious office.


Source: YouTube

There’s also an area for the press, and the plane includes a situation room. Also, the plane has private quarters for the guests and if there’s someone not feeling well while boarding the plane, no need to worry because the plane features a hospital too! (Move forward to find out!)

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