A Missing World War II Submarine Was Found: The U.S.S. Grayback

The U.S.S Grayback

Back in 1944, the United States submarine, The USS Grayback, went missing. The ship was also called the S.S.208, but that name isn’t commonly used. The ship has never been found, and the disappearance was looked into for decades. Unfortunately, nobody could find the boat, and worse – the crew was also unaccounted for. The search is still on.


USS Grayback SS-208. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The submarine is currently being searched for by something called the Lost 52 Project. Basically, this project is dedicated to finding all 52 submarines that went missing during World War II. But the Grayback itself didn’t get reported missing until the end of March 1944. So what exactly happened? Why was it so difficult to locate the submarine?

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