1999 A.D. A 60s Short Film That Predicted the Future

Humans today enjoy a tremendous amount of technological inventions that assist us in our everyday life.  A lot of the technology we have today would not be here had it not been for the imagination of creative media of the past. Movies like “Back to the Future” shows like “Star Trek”, and even various comics, all had their own imaginary future tools that they featured in their stories, and a lot of these make-believe inventions turned from fiction to reality in just 50 years! “1999 A.D.” is a short film from 1967 that basically got the future spot on! You could even say they predicted the future. We put together a list of 99 A.D.’s predictions turned into reality.

Cars in of the Future

So, let’s talk about the 1960s for a moment. This was a time when most of the technology in the world as we know it, did not even exist. Society seemed to move at a much slower pace, and in turn, the future seemed much more distant.

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In the movie, the narrator explains how much faster the 90s would be, and even though his explanation was presented as fiction, it was actually very accurate. The first personal computer would be invented eight years later, and from there, the sky became the Limit!

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