Who Was Bobby Dunbar? A Century-Old Case Finally Solved

Parents can make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are worse than others. Take this parenting mistake, for example: not being able to identify your own child. In 1912, the Dunbar family went camping near a lake in Opelousas, Louisiana, and happened to lose their four-year-old son, Bobby.

Eight months later, the authorities found a young boy who they thought could be Bobby. Everyone was relieved; they had found the missing kid. Except, when another woman showed up claiming this Bobby was actually her son, things got complicated.

For nearly a century, the question of Bobby’s true identity has lingered. Was the boy really Bobby Dunbar? Now, thanks to modern science, the question can finally be answered.

A Scorching Hot Summer

Louisiana summers are a force to be reckoned with. If the sun doesn’t kill you, the humidity will make sure to come personally to your door to finish the job. In the summer of 1912, the Dunbar family was dealing with the worst of the late summer.


Source: twitter.com

In an era before air-conditioning and ice dispensers, the only way to cool down during the scorching summers was to take a dip at the local watering hole or to find sanctuary under the shade of a tree. Having had enough of the heat, the Dunbars decided they were going out of town.

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