When Twins Look Nothing Alike. Meet Lucy and Maria: The Black and White Sisters

You know how when we see twins, they almost always look alike? Well, not in this case. These two twin girls were born looking absolutely nothing alike. That is, one is black and the other is white. The two are the best of friends. And wait until you see how they look today! And later on, we’ll show you other sets of unlikely twins.


Donna and Vince Aylmer, from Gloucester, England, had three children when they discovered they were having twins! They were really happy and excited, and definitely didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to occur.

A Little Late in the Game

The couple already had three children, so they have already passed their young years. Donna is a 49-year-old warehouse worker and her husband Vince is a 55-year-old scaffolder. And when they went to the doctor for a checkup, they received unbelievable news.


The Aylmers were told that they’re not only expecting one child – but two. Donna was just happy to hear that they were healthy and developing normally. But she was still in shock to think that she was going to have two more babies.

Little did the couple know that their future twins would make the news.

A Blessing

George, Chynna, and Jordan are the three kids the couple already have at home. But Donna was worried about having a new handful of babies to take care of. Regardless, they felt as though it was a blessing.


And on January 16, 1997, Donna gave birth to healthy twins, Lucy and Maria. But the moment the midwife handed her her two baby girls, she was utterly speechless. Even confused.

What a Surprise!

Can you imagine what Donna thought after just having given birth to twins and being handed two babies who look nothing alike? In one arm, Donna was holding a baby of snow-white skin, blue eyes, and red hair.

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In the other hand, was the baby’s twin, with a much darker complexion and dark brown eyes with dark brown hair. She had no words. How could this be? It went against all the laws of science!

Well, apparently it does make sense, aside from how rare it may be.

Fraternal – Not Identical

Donna and Vince are a couple of mixed race. She is from Jamaica and Vince is Caucasian. And the reason for the twins coming out as separate races, is their genes. And the chances of having biracial twins are about one in 500.


Their parents have a combination of alleles (gene codes) for light and dark skin. So, one twin has dark skin alleles and the other inherited light skin genes. This means fraternal twins, which the girls are, can vary dramatically in their physical appearance.

Matching Outfits

Naturally, Donna had to put her daughters in matching outfits. And as cute as they were, strangers would stare in wonder. They were simply confused and couldn’t help but looking with confusion.


Sure, they were twins, but they couldn’t look more different. Lucy looked Irish, with her green eyes and wild red hair. Maria looked as though she was from the Caribbean Islands. You can imagine how people would be confused.

Donna had no idea that eventually her girls would want something else.

They Didn’t Feel Like Twins

When they turned seven, the girls told their mother they didn’t want to dress in matching outfits anymore. They couldn’t figure out why they were dressed the same all the time since they didn’t look the same.

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They even told Donna that they didn’t feel like twins because of how different they looked and felt. So they wanted to dress differently. And it was then that the girls established their own identities.


The twins were placed in the same class at their elementary school, but it wasn’t a problem for people to tell them apart. Unlike other sets of twins where people always had to get creative when deciphering between the two identical kids.

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Lucy and Maria liked having their own personal identities but felt short-handed when it came to the usual perks of being twins.

Later, Lucy and Maria would explain their differences.

Who Do They Look Like?

You might be wondering what the other kids in their family look like. Maria was born looking like her older siblings, darker skin and dark brown hair. It’s Lucy that stands out in the family photo.

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“It was a real shock for them because you don’t get to see stuff like skin on the scans that you undergo before giving birth,” Lucy said many years later. “They had no idea that we’d turn out so different, and they were completely speechless when the midwife handed us to them.”

Growing Up

Growing up wasn’t so easy for the girls. Lucy was bullied by classmates. She said how “They thought I was adopted. They called me a ghost.”

Source: Facebook

Lucy later revealed: “I think that we would have been closer as kids if we looked similar. But we had such different personalities as well. She was always outgoing, while I was always shy.”

As Lucy and Maria got older, they started opening up about just how different they really are and not just in the way they look on the outside.

They are Older but Closer than Ever

Now at the age of 21, the sisters are closer than ever. Maria is currently studying psychology and law while Lucy is an art student.


When the girls turned 18, their story reached a number of news outlets. And they had the opportunity to explain their stories and answer some questions people had about them.

Opposite Personalities

Lucy said, “Maria was outgoing whilst I was the shy one.” Maria agreed and commented that as they grew older, Lucy came out of her shell a bit.

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Lucy was more of an introvert while Maria was always outgoing and confident, striking up conversations with just about anyone. With such opposite personalities, it’s understandable that the two weren’t the closest when they were growing up.

But as they got older, things started to change.

Girls Will Be Girls

Like many young girls, both Lucy and Maria didn’t like certain things about themselves. Maria hated her curly hair and used to cry about it a lot. Lucy hated her white skin because kids would call her a ghost and thinking she was adopted.

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Lucy, young and fragile, couldn’t understand why things were the way they were. She couldn’t understand why she was the one born with pale skin.

Her Inherited Traits

Lucy figured that the only reason she was born with her skin color the way it was is because she inherited her grandmother’s genes.


Over the years, Lucy and Maria developed their own sense of style. Lucy dresses more edgy with dark makeup and piercings, and Maria dresses in a more sophisticated style.

Despite all the differences, the girls have something to say about their sisterly bond.

A Deep Bond

“Now we have grown older, even though we still look so different, the bond between us is much stronger,” Lucy stated. The girls want people to know that they’re not just sisters – they’re also best friends.


Maria said how she’s proud to tell people that she has a white twin. And Lucy feels blessed to say the same of her sister.

Embracing Their Differences

Embracing their differences is what the girls know how to do very well. Not only do they appreciate their different sense of style, they also embarked on totally distinct career paths. Lucy enrolled at Gloucester for art and design, while Maria is studying law at Cheltenham College.

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They always brag about and talk highly of each other. But despite having appeared on many news programs, not everyone has accepted them for who they are.

Maria and Lucy had to start getting used to skeptics.

Some Refused to Believe

After the twins had their TV appearances, they got more attention from people at their schools and from friends. While many were impressed, some refused to believe it.

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Maria told a news program that someone asked her if she actually has a twin, not believing that Lucy is her biological twin. Maria said they are used to skeptics. They mentioned how people find it hard to believe and even think they’re lying.

Showing Proof

Even close friends of the twins had a hard time believing their unusual story. Some went as far as to ask the girls to show them their birth certificates to prove their biological connection.

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Maria said in a jokingly tone, “These friends sure don’t have a lot of trust.” But she might have been more serious about that than she gave off.

So do the girls share any twin-like traits?

A Psychic Bond

Lucy and Maria both agree that when they were growing up it felt as though they were worlds apart. They were asked if they share the stereotypical ‘psychic bond’ that twins claim to possess.


The two admitted that they don’t feel any psychic bond that most twins talk about. But they did admit however that sometimes they have the same physical pains in the same spots. So maybe they do have a bond that they’re unaware of.

Taking Comfort

The girls take comfort in the fact that they always have each other to rely on, no matter what.

Bored Panda

So you may be thinking these girls are just one of a kind, never having seen biracial twins before. But low and behold, there are others!

Next, see another set of biracial twins, just as adorable as Maria and Lucy.

Marcia and Millie

Marcia and Millie Biggs are another pair of biracial twins. But unlike Maria and Lucy, these sisters really do resemble each other. Not only in how they look, but also in their personalities.


The girls both love gymnastics, dance, science and mathematics.

And yes, you guessed it, we’re going to show you more pairs of biracial twins. See the next pair!

Kalani and Jarani Dean

Kalani and Jarani Dean are another pair of cute biracial twins. Their mother is white and their dad is black. Kalani came was born fair-skinned while Jarani inherited brown skin. Their mother, Whitney Meyer, considers her daughters a symbol against racism.


Whitney believes that this genetic phenomenon can and should create social awareness about how trivial skin color is. She said, “They’re the same girl, just different colors.”

Boy and Girl Twins

Joanne and Larry, before the birth of their twins, wondered who the babies would look like. Joanne is white, and Larry is black. What they never would have expected is that they would get one of each.

The Sun

They gave birth to a boy and a girl. The boy is paler and the girl much darker. After some time, it started to become obvious that the two had completely different skin tones. “No one ever believes they are twins because they don’t look alike at all. They don’t even look like brother and sister, let alone twins,” Joanne said.

Kian and Remee

Kian and Remee were born just a minute apart. Their parents, Kylee and Remi, are from families that have white mothers and black fathers, so they have a background of a mixed genetic makeup.

Daily Mail

One is black with brown eyes, and the other is blonde with blue eyes. Their parents say that even though the twins shared the same first word, ‘juice,’ the girls are very different.

The next set of twins have such differences, you might be shocked.

James and Daniel

James and Daniel are fraternal twins. They have the same parents but they have nothing else in common. Interestingly, James is black, gay, and outgoing while his brother Daniel is white, straight, and shy.

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Their mother is white and the father Jamaican. Most Caribbean people, despite being dark-skinned, also carry European DNA. “It was hard to believe they were even brothers, let alone twins,” their mother said.

Viviana and Dennis

Viviana and Dennis Ng are incredibly unique fraternal twins. They have very wide family genetics. The Ng family is a multiracial family from all over the world.


The twins carry African, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Chinese, and European genes. “Some people ask are they mine, are they twins or were they conceived naturally,” the mother said. “When I’m with my husband they are like, ‘Oh, now I see.’”

The next set of twins can show the dark side of growing up in such a rare situation.

Bullied as Kids

Breana Cincotta had a hard time growing up as a biracial twin. She was teased for her light skin tone and was called names like ‘albino.’ She was even told that had to choose sides between being white and black.


The twins are now grown up and don’t have to deal with foolish teasing anymore. But people still don’t believe that the two are related, let alone twins.

Amelia and Jasmine

These two girls are actually identical twins. They’re believed to be the very first genetically identical black and white twins to be born in the UK.

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“When they were born, we were flabbergasted, even the doctors couldn’t believe it,” their mother said. “They look like they’re different races.”

The next family is remarkable as they have two sets of biracial twins!

The Spooner Twins X2

The Spooner family is remarkable – not only do they have one pair of black and white twins. They have two! The couple gave birth to one set of twins and seven years later, they gave birth to another pair. Both sets are biracial!


Geneticists say that as more people are marrying outside of their gene pool, the barriers between races are breaking down. We will be seeing more biracial twins in the future. But now, it’s still pretty rare.

The Cunningham Twins

Ghabriael and Triniti were born to an Ohio couple. Their mother is white and the father black. The doctors called them medical marvels, but sadly their community criticized them.

Daily Mail

The parents say people always ask them if the two are related and if they are sure about it. The poor kids have been called derogatory slurs such as ‘mutts’. The couple said that people even asked them how they could do such a thing to their children.

What Are the Chances?

The parents of these two pairs of twins are not only friends, their mothers are sisters! What are the chances?


Well, the chances are very slim. The sisters both have black and white twins. “The kids play really well together because they all the same age group and I guess it helps that they have something in ­common,” one of the mothers stated.

Kendall and Baylee

Twins Kendall and Baylee totally shocked their parents when they were born. Baylee took after her mother’s European heritage while Kendall got her father’s part-Jamaican skin tone.


“One thing I know for sure is that family and friends won’t ever struggle to tell them apart,” the father said jokingly. He added that if they weren’t his own daughters he most likely wouldn’t believe that they were related either.

The next couple with twins get stopped at the supermarket all the time.

Stopped at the Supermarket

Parents Hannah and Kyle say as soon as they found out they were having twins their friends started joking that one would come out dark and the other light. The parents laughed it off.


They were amazed when that joke turned into reality! The parents say that they are asked questions everywhere that they go. “I can’t walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped,” Hannah stated.

The Miracle Twins

Parents Carole and Brian were trying to get pregnant for a very long time. After lots of issues and unfortunate miscarriages, they were finally able to get pregnant. And with twins!


Apparently, their chances of giving birth to twins with different skin tones was a million to one. Considering all their difficulty getting pregnant, their twins are considered to be miracle babies.


Baby Daniel shocked his black African parents when he was born with white skin and blonde hair. His father Francis admitted that when he first saw the baby he even asked if he was actually the father.

Daily Mail

Baby Daniel isn’t biracial. And he’s not albino either. He has a slight genetic mutation that runs in his mother’s family. His mother Arlette says that she remember hearing stories of a woman in her family six generations ago giving birth to a white baby. She just thought it was a myth.

The DiMarcos

Nyle DiMarco was the winner of America’s Next Top Model. Turns out his twin brother Nico looks absolutely nothing like him. He was born with fair skin and bright red hair. Both brothers were also born deaf, but that definitely hasn’t stopped them from succeeding.


Nyle is a model and actor and Nico is a successful DJ. Both are deaf activists, trying to raise awareness and help support their community.

The twins had even more television appearances.

Dancing with the Stars

Nyle brought his twin brother to visit him at the dance studio on Dancing With the Stars and the audience didn’t expect to see what they did. The two don’t look related in the slightest!

Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GQ

Their parents, grandparents, and third brother, Neal, were all born deaf. The family clearly doesn’t let it bring them down. Nyle proves that lacking the ability to hear music doesn’t mean you can’t dance.

And his brother’s DJ career is even more impressive!

The Music Lover of the Family

Nico’ successful career as a DJ defies the odds even more. According to Nyle, Nico is the real music lover of the family. They expected Nico to be a dancer, not him.

Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Nico tried to teach Nyle to dance when they were children. Maybe those early dance lessons got Nyle into dancing.

Doing Good for Society

Nico went to Gallaudet University, a private university for the deaf. Him and Nico are active members of the alumni. Nico sometimes DJs for special events to encourage people to apply.

Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Nyle reflected on his unique family and believes that he’s fortunate for growing up in a Deaf family that knew how to raise a deaf child.

Nyle DiMarco Foundation

Nyle says that his family is the main reason why he has his foundation. He aims to help the 70 million deaf lives worldwide. Unfortunately, more than 75% of parents do not sign to communicate with their deaf child.

Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage

There you go, the world’s most interesting sets of twins. Some simply adorable and some not only really attractive, but also doing well for their communities.