This woman’s 7 decades-long quest to find her lost husband will break your heart

A tragic love doesn’t just break two hearts, but everyone who hears or sees it gets affected. A lot of things can meddle between two lovers, but an unwanted separation is the cruelest thing to bear. But, this woman carried the emptiness of losing her love to unknown circumstances for seventy years. Peggy Seale Harris, the wife of Lieutenant Billie Harris, spent her life searching for her husband after his disappearance.

Imagine getting married to the love of your life and losing them after just six weeks. Peggy went through what others cannot even imagine. She didn’t only wait for his return but took control of finding him herself. She devoted her existence to her one true love that went missing in the sixth week of their marriage. It took her 7 decades to reach to the truth of her husband. What she found out made her feel nothing but proud of being his wife.

This is How It All Began

Peggy Seale was not an ordinary girl from Vernon, Texas. She was quite different from the ladies of that time. While others would invest in their beauty to attract men for marriage, Peggy was ambitious and quirky. At a young age of eighteen, she had achieved what most men could not do.



She was the only female mechanic at Altus Oklahoma Air Force Base. She was always the one who would stick to her gut and follow her instincts. Loving her work and leading her simple life, Peggy was unaware of what was about to befall her.

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