Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Story of America’s Sweetheart, Audrey Hepburn

More Than She Feared the Germans

Remember when she was helping the Resistance in Holland? It was then that she started ballet at a young age, and she hoped to become a prima ballerina. She even went on to study ballet in London, but she was told that she’s too tall (she was 5’7”).


Audrey Hepburn. Photo By Associated British/Kobal/Shutterstock

Another issue was because due to her malnourishment during the War, as she became too ill to continue her ballet training. She had to leave ballet behind. She said once, “There is probably nothing in the world as determined as a child with a dream, and I wanted to dance more than I feared the Germans.”

You can see in this photo that each image is of Audrey dancing. She was clearly passionate about the art form.

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