The True Story of a Missing Boy and His Imposter

In 1994, a boy from Texas named Nicholas Barclay went missing. Three years later, the boy-turned-teenager was found in Spain. He was reunited with his family, but not all was as it seemed. Something was off, and no one could really believe that it was really Nicholas. The sudden and miraculous discovery of the troubled teen just seemed too good to be true. And when it feels that way, it usually is too good to be true.


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Nicholas was 13-year-old went after a basketball game with his friends at a neighborhood park. Frederic was a 23-year-old young man from France who grew up in a home without love or affection. He took up a life crime to keep himself afloat and essentially to feel wanted. This is the incredible and very true story of a boy, his assumed kidnapping, his spine-tingling “return,” and an imposter’s performance for the history books.

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