The Story of Three Identical Strangers is Darker Than Meets the Eye

Everyone’s talking about the recently released documentary called ‘Three Identical Strangers.’ Why? Well, for one, it’s (in my opinion) probably the most extraordinary and fascinating stories I’ve ever heard. Second, it’s an excellent documentary that depicts the story pretty much perfectly. And thirdly, it’s a true story with real tragedy. Take all those ingredients, and you got yourself the recipe for the perfect story.

So what’s the story about, you ask? Let me start by saying that three identical twins were separated at birth, only to meet ACCIDENTALLY 19 years later. While triplets being separated at birth is already a tragic thing, the story gets even darker as the three eventually find out the real purpose for why they were separated in the first place.

Bobby and Eddy First Meet in College

The story begins when19-year-old brothers Bobby Shafran and Eddy Galland met, for the first time, in 1980. On his first day at Sullivan County Community College in upstate New York, Bobby arrived on campus. He expected to be the new kid on campus; in a place where no one knows him.

Eddy Galland, left, in the Mickey Mouse shirt, David Kellman, center, in the Ziggy shirt, and Robert Shafron, right, wearing a Smurf shirt are triplets separated at birth. July 06, 1981. Photo by Jerry Engel/New York Post Archives /(c) NYP Holdings, Inc. via Getty Images

But strangely, he was greeted warmly by students with pats on the back and kisses on the cheek from girls. And to make it even more strange, they were all calling him “Eddy.” He didn’t know what to make of it, as nothing could explain what was happening. “Guys were slapping me on the back and girls were hugging and kissing me,” Bobby told People in a 1980 interview.

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