The McConspiracy: How One Man Cheated the McDonald’s Monopoly Contest to Make 24 Million Dollars

After McDonald’s launched its Monopoly game in 1987, customers flocked to the fast-food chain to collect the board game pieces that have a sticker on the soft drinks, and French fry boxes. The prizes range from free food, sports cars, and even a million dollars. But did McDonald’s customers really have a chance to win? That’s all because Jerome Jacobson recognized a flaw.

A Dream Cut Short

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Jerome wanted more than anything to be a police officer since he was just a boy. His dream came to fruition when he was sworn into Hollywood Flordia’s Police Department in 1976. His career however not too long. After sustaining an injury on the job, Jacobson took an injury leave from the department while his wife, Marsha, took care of him day and night. However, the police department fired him due to his lack of being able to show up to work again.

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