The Life of Hollywood’s Leading Man: Clark Gable

Back in Old Hollywood, Clark Gable was a sought out leading man, and earned the title of “The King of Hollywood.” Gable came from humble means, but when he was 17, he watched Birds of Paradise and immediately knew his destiny was acting. He started his career in theater when he was 21, and by 1924, he finally made it to Hollywood.


Photo By Glasshouse Images/Shutterstock

Throughout his life and career, Gable dated various women, went through several marriages and was one of the biggest leading men in the industry. Some of Gable’s most notable films are It Happened One Night and Gone with the Wind. Gable certainly left his mark on Hollywood, and will essentially live on forever through his movies. You will never guess which line he said in Gone with the Wind caused controversy, and what his connection to Marilyn Monroe is. Get ready to see who the man in front of the camera really is.

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