The Life of America’s Most Notorious Outlaw: Jesse James

Jesse James was born in 1847 in Missouri and seemed like a normal kid. His preacher father was a rich man. The family had a lot of farmland and were even slave owners. So what could have possibly happened to turn this innocent little kid into America’s most notorious outlaw? Well, there is a lot that could have contributed to Jesse becoming America’s most wanted fugitive.


Photo by Historia, Shutterstock / Universal History Archive, UIG, Shutterstock

Jesse James is a lot of things, but he was famous for leading the James-Younger gang. His gang was known to rob banks and trains. Back in the 1800s, criminal behavior wasn’t nearly what it is now. There were groups of people who even supported the outlaws. The media glamorized them and continued to portray Jesse James positively. In fact, he was labeled the “Wild West Robin Hood.”

Check out the life and death of the infamous Jesse James.

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