The King of Christmas: How Bing Crosby Became a Holiday Season Legend

Whenever holiday season rolls around, we can’t help but hear the wonderful Bing Crosby tunes playing on the radio or in a department store, getting us into the Christmas spirit. Despite being a well-known musician, actor, and comedian, Bing Crosby ended up becoming the king of the holiday season, with his holiday songs becoming classic hits. His most memorable holiday track is the ever so popular White Christmas.


Photo by Otto Dyar, Kobal, Shutterstock / Paramount, Kobal, Shutterstock / Snap, Shutterstock

Other than the unique talents that helped him shine in the entertainment industry, Crosby had his own set of challenges, scandal, and loss throughout his life. He enjoyed golf, had a loving family, and was named the most admired man in America. He appeared to be leading a happy life, but after his unfortunate death, his son came out with a book revealing the truth about the respected icon.

This is the tragic truth behind Bing Crosby’s incredible career.

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