The Dark Side Of The Rainbow: The Truth About Judy Garland

On stage, Judy Garland shined extremely bright. With her powerful voice and pure talent, it was obvious from a young age that Garland will grow up to be a star. When she landed a contract with MGM at the age of 13, it seemed like she was living every kid’s dream. Unfortunately, things aren’t always how they seem. Behind the scene’s Garland was living a troubled life filled with depression and abuse. Ironically, a lot of the mistreatment started in the iconic film The Wizard of Oz.


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The film seemed magical, but the reality was far from it. The movie that made Garland a star simultaneously ruined her life. The actress was working herself to the bone and was given pills by her mother since she was just ten years old. With the release of the movie, Judy, you can see the distressed star on-screen portrayed brilliantly by Renee Zellweger. Take a trip down the yellow brick road and see what really happened to Judy Garland. Plus, we added some cool facts about the new movie, Judy.

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