“Storage Wars” Star Missed Out on $7.5 Million

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Storage Wars, it’s a reality TV show (a hugely popular one, too) hosted by a man named Dan Dotson. He’s a life-long auctioneer who lives and breathes deals. The show involves buying and selling storage units in which the contents are unknown until after the purchase is made. So you can imagine the kinds of drama involved. And this particular story is nothing short of dramatic. It involves a shocking discovery eventually led to a legal ordeal and one in which multiple offers were made. Here’s the story.

The Storage War King


Source: YouTube

The star of Storage Wars, Dan Dotson, has been something of a legend in the auctioneering world over the last few decades. Dan has been a big part of the hit series since day one. Throughout the years, he’s seen it all, opening storage units and auctioning off some amazing finds. However, he recently stumbled upon something truly remarkable and it could easily have come straight out of a gangster film. While attending the “Cars, Stars and Rock N’ Roll” charity event in Indio, California, Dan Dotson heard a remarkable story. And it all started at a charity event.

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